About Martinez Cat Lounge

A Non-Profit from the Heart

The Visionary

Leona Patterson

Animal Lover | Cat-a-holic | Founder

Leona Hartmann - Owner Cat Lounge Martinez

I am Leona Hartmann Patterson, The Fur Fanatic CEO, a passionate cat lover hailing from the cozy town of Martinez where I opened the first Cat Lounge in Contra Costa County.

Cats have always held a special place in my heart, and my life revolves around these adorable and mysterious creatures.

In addition to being a proud  mom to a delightful senior furball Madison and his sister Dolly, a Gercorgal, German Shepard, corgi and beagle mix, I enjoy holding special events and look forward to fun with Cats and our community.

I believe that every cat deserves a safe and loving home, and I’m always here to lend a helping paw to fellow cat lovers. Whether you need advice on cat behavior, tips on proper nutrition, or simply want to share heartwarming cat stories, feel free to reach out. Let’s celebrate the magic of cats together!

Our Cat Lounge

Where Cats Choose
Their Person

Cats are the main attraction at Martinez Cat Lounge, a safe and comfortable living area environment where cats and cat lovers come together to share fun and hopefully, become long term companions.

Cats need plenty of space to play, be alone,  climb, scratch, run or even hide so throughout the day, our residents get to roam whereever they want to…except outside.

We provide a happy, stress-free life with everything they could need until each finds its ideal person.

What You Can Expect


Upon entering our little kittieland, you’ll be greeted by one of our many volunteers and fellow cat-lovers. If you’ve scheduled your visit you’ll be checked in and confirm your completion of the online waiver. If you drop by, a waiver will be provided for you. 

After that, go play! Or, take a nap in a cozy chair with kitty that wants to keep you company. Read a book, use any of our toys or just sit and enjoy the joyous energy of our lounge.

Saving Cats One at a Time

As the only non-profit Cat Lounge in Contra Costa County, we try our hardest to save as many lovable felines as possible from shelters that inevitably euthanize them. Once here, we rehabilitate and socialize our residents, paying particular attention to the needs of each one. Our goal is always to find a forever home for each and every resident so the only way we can accomplish this through generous donations of animal lovers like you. Every contribution goes back into our mission and your donation is tax deductible.

If we could, we would empty out every shelter in the county but that’s not realistic. However, we can save as many kitty companions as possible, one at a time.


Rules of Engagement for the
Safety of Our Cats

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